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Congrats, you’re on Wordpress.
Now, let’s think about this.

Your website is perhaps your single most important sales tool. You've made the smart decision by building your site on Wordpress, but unlike some other marketing efforts, a Wordpress website is not a 'set-it-and-forget-it' thing. We exist to help you get the most from your investment by offering an easy and economical way to package the hosting and routine maintenance of your site. We like to think of it as an agile web partnership that can help you stay healthy, online, and constantly improving for years to come.

Think Wordpress is here for all the technical bibs and bobs of running your site on Wordpress. But as our partner, you'll have discounted access to a team of accomplished designers and developers who are equipped to handle those larger functionality upgrades and redesigns that can take your site further than you've imagined. We are an agile team of experts who bring the skills, process, and knowledge to make it really easy to love your Wordpress site again. And we’re friendly too!

Tell us what's been bothering you

Your Wordpress site is not unlike your car or your house. It needs love.

Your website has a theme, a database (or many databases), a bunch of plugins that you may or may not really need, some of which are out of date, sometimes that is fine -- sometimes it is a really bad idea. How do you know what is important and what isn’t?

Your Wordpress website has the potential to be your single most important sales tool, are you treating it with the love and attention that it deserves?

  • Updates to plugins and Wordpress as needed and fixes to issues those updates sometimes cause
  • Nightly Backups
  • Staging version of website for testing
  • Website Uptime and SSL Monitoring
  • and more...


Expert Wordpress support that’s responsive, reliable, and thoughtful

Experts are better than "know-it-alls". We love sharing our Wordpress knowledge and our goal is to set you up to do most common site tasks yourself.

  • Google Analytics setup and integration
  • Plugin setup and configuration help
  • CDN Setup
  • Speed and Optimization
  • and more...


Building on Wordpress since 2003, the year it was released.

We never get tired of finding new and exciting applications for this amazingly flexible (and free!) software. Bring your challenges, we’ve probably seen them before.

  • Custom design and development
  • Plugin Development
  • Integrations with Webservices and APIs
  • and more...


We block website security threats before you knew they were there.

The internet can be a scary place. We can help you make your website more safe, prevent issues from happening, and IF ( and that’s a big “if”! ) your site is somehow ever compromised, we’ll fix it for free.

  • Webhost servers are configured specifically with WordPress security best practices
  • Server-level blocking and scanning for hackers and malware
  • Wordpress core code and plugin updates
  • All plans include HTTPS encryption with a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Nightly backups ( we can revert your site back to last night’s version in minutes )
  • and more...

we love wordpress

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Every site needs a home. We offer Managed Wordpress hosting solutions that offer 10X the value of shared hosting solutions you’ll find elsewhere. In a nutshell, we don't just host your site, we take care of it. You can stop worrying about the servers, the hackers, your site performance and instead, spend that time running your business.

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Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we’ll handle it. In the long run, this absolutely winds up saving you time, money, IT resources, and so much more.


We put your site on a dedicated VPS, whereas shared hosting is just that; a shared server. We will never let your site live on a server with a bunch of other sites that could be dealing with malware, performance issues, and more.


Our servers are tuned for optimal WordPress performance and we configure all the caching, so you never have to worry about site speed!


We’re always monitoring your site to stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility that your site will be compromised. If your site is somehow compromised under our care, we’ll fix it for free.

All plans include HTTPS Encryption

Not only does HTTPS make your website much safer for your users, Google now looks much more favorably on websites that run SSL encryption and will soon start to call you out if you are running a site over basic HTTP.

We’ve got your back

No tickets. No wait times. We know how frustrating it is dealing with off-shore technical support. When you call us, you’ll get a real-live Philadelphia-based human on the other end.

Getting started is easy

Let us know you have a Wordpress need or problem

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started. We are real, live humans based in Philadelphia, USA.

We reach back out to you to confirm

Response time is less than 24 business hours. Just give us a chance to check out your website and the lay of the land.

You choose how you want to proceed

You’ll get the most bang for your buck with a monthly plan, but we can build a customized arrangement around your needs.

Other ways we can help

There are a lot of moving parts that make a great website. But, great doesn't end with the look. We are experts at stitching together the Wordpress technology stack under the hood and then helping you make the calculated upgrades that build your website into a marketing machine with provable ROI.

SEO and search marketing

Even really well-built websites can use the occasional SEO tune-up. Best practices for search engine optimization are constantly changing and we can help you keep up. Basic plans include an hour of ongoing SEO optimization each month, but if you really want to take your website to the next level we have all kinds of ways we can help. No sleazy SEO sales tricks here, just practical, business-minded SEO tactics that work.


Is your Wordpress site running E-Commerce? E-Commerce sites have their own level of nuance and require a bit of extra attention. We are Woocommerce experts, but we also work with a lot of the common E-Commerce plugins that run on Wordpress.


Want monthly personalized reports that let you know how your site is doing? No problem. We offer high-level views of the analytics to show you if the trends are going in the right direction. Need a deep dive? We can schedule monthly reports from SEM Rush if you need custom keyword analysis or serious data to share with stakeholders.

customer relationship management (CRM)

We are official agency partners with Sharpspring. SharpSpring is a powerful, intuitive CRM that gives businesses the tools they need to stay in touch with customers and engage new users. It is a lot like HubSpot, without the whole ‘pay us an arm and a leg so that you can do all the work’ silliness. Talk to us first, we can get you set up and running, train you on how it works, support you moving forward and (shhhh....) as a Think Wordpress hosted website customer we can give you access to our agency discount.

custom web development

Maybe there is something on your site that has just never worked the way it should. Or you've been dreaming of a feature or integration that would make your business run more smoothly. You may even know how to do 90% of something, but just need a bit of help to get it across the finish line. We can help with all of these things. And since we are already familiar with your website, we can be really efficient about it. As our managed hosting partners, you will have access to our dev team at a discounted hourly rate.

We’re built on brains

‘Think Wordpress’ is a service provided by Think it First, an agile digital marketing agency based in suburban Philadelphia (Go Birds!). TIF designs, builds, manages and loves Wordpress websites for customers both big and small. What does that mean? It means that we really, really know Wordpress and are heavily invested in its success.

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Pricing for every budget.
No long-term contracts.

Think Wordpress offers monthly plans designed to keep you healthy and online for years to come. Our monthly support plans include normal upkeep like updating content, fixing broken links, plugging security gaps, and a myriad of common site functions.

Hosting & Monitoring


  • Production / Staging Environments
  • Control Panel Access
  • Realtime Firewall
  • Proper Domain Setup (*. www. etc)
  • Secure Off-site Nightly Backups
  • One Time Image Optimization
  • Managed Wordpress Updates
  • Managed Plugin Updates
  • SSL Certificate
  • Monthly Sucuri Security Scans
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Search Console Setup
  • Preferred Support
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Free Managed Hosting
with this Package!
  • Free Managed WP Hosting
  • Ongoing Image Optimization
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • 24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring
  • Performace Scans / Speed Tests
  • Managed Wordpress Updates
  • Managed Plugin Updates
  • SSL Certificate
  • Password Audit
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Daily Sucuri Security Scans
  • Malware / Hack Cleanout
  • Blacklist Repair
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Search Console Setup
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • SEO Plugin Setup
  • Sitemap Integration
  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Code Help
  • Content Updates
  • WP Task Training

Support Hours
(2) @ $125/hr

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Support + CRM


Free Managed Hosting
with this Package!
  • Free Managed WP Hosting
  • Additional Support Hours
  • Sharpspring® CRM
  • Setup and Integration into site
  • Landing Page Template
  • Email Template
  • Form Integration
  • Shopping Cart Setup
  • Workflow Automation
  • Sharpspring Training

Support Hours
(5) @ $125/hr

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Unprecedented visibility into your website’s health and performance

While we’re honored that you trust us with the maintenance of your website, we want to ensure that you remain in control. That’s why we created the Think Dashboard.

The Think Dashboard provides you with one centralized location so you can:

  • View specific details about your WordPress site
  • Scan the core WordPress files
  • Turn on available tools
  • Find helpful WordPress resources
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